Belvoir makes a fruity start to 2020 with two new drinks


Belvoir Fruit Farms is starting 2020 with a splash by launching two new refreshing, fruity beverages to add to its ready-to-drink Pressé range. From 22 January, Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice is available for an exclusive period in Sainsbury’s, after which it will be more widely distributed, while Belvoir’s Lime & Soda, is now available across all retail, having again, been a previous exclusive in Sainsbury’s.

Apple is a well-established and popular flavour within the premium soft drinks’ category. Apple flavoured ready to drink products are worth £16.4m annually, accounting for 13% of the market and are growing by +13% year on year too. This growth is currently being driven by mainstream brands, leading Belvoir to believe there is an opportunity to further grow the category through a premium apple offering. 

Another rapidly growing trend is the popularity of pink drinks, led by the phenomenal rise of pink gins; this has begun to play through into adult soft drinks. 

Combining these two market observations has resulted in Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice. But the clue’s in the name – it has not just used any old apple juice, it has used the UK’s Number 1 fresh produce brand, Pink Lady. It’s added a dash of elderberry juice to enhance the pinkness of the drink too, placing it right on trend.

Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice is made with 100% fruit juice and no added sugar. It has deliciously fresh, sweet green aromas and a fabulously refreshing crisp, sweet apple flavour from blending both clear and cloudy apple juices only from Pink Lady apples. The drink is an attractive warm pink with a slight natural cloud.

Lime is another key flavour trend within the premium soft drinks’ category, growing at +22% year on year and in major multiples at +21%. In 2019 Belvoir commissioned extensive and exclusive consumer research into Premium Soft Drinks gauging the views of over 2,000 people about how, when and why they consume the category. In it, lime was identified as an extremely versatile flavour, consumed across all drinking occasions and considered a key ingredient when preparing the perfect serve both at home and in bars and restaurants. There are however few, if any, premium lime offerings on the market and Belvoir believes it has filled that gap with its new Lime & Soda, hoping to drive further category growth.

Belvoir’s Lime & Soda is made with 100% natural ingredients including freshly squeezed lime juice and a touch of lemon for a wonderfully refreshing, zingy taste. Exceptionally light and lively with the invigorating aromas and flavours of naturally sharp, freshly squeezed lime juice it is an indulgent take on the classic lime and soda. Delicious on its own, over ice or mixed with white rum, fresh mint leaves and ice, it makes the best no fuss Mojito ever. 

As with all Belvoir’s drinks, both Lime & Soda and Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

750ml bottles of Belvoir’s Lime & Soda and Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice retail for around £2.50. Both products are also available in 250ml bottles.