Berry Bros. & Rudd launches rums to extend ‘The Classic Range’


Coinciding with National Rum Day, Berry Bros. & Rudd is delighted to announce the addition of four new rum additions to The Classic Range.

Curated by Berry Bros. & Rudd’s spirits buyer, Doug McIvor, the new rums are Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Jamaican and Barbados and are each a standard bearer for its type.

Doug McIvor states: “I look for balance and complexity, maturity and texture – for excellence. Equally, age is not king:  maturity counts for much more. While there is beauty in a cask that, over time, has breathed its youthful vigour to the angels, embracing the oak to find harmony and great balance; the oldest may not be the most complex, the most perfectly poised.”

The range of rums has been created. “To provide a breadth of styles from the world of rum, from the full, funky style of Jamaican rum through to the lighter and more subtle style of Barbados. In essence, it provides something for everyone at an accessible price point,” explains Sandrine Tyrbas de Chamberet, Berry Bros. & Rudd global brands manager.

The rums will be available to buy online and instore from Thursday 22 August and are all priced at £28.  For further information visit

The Classic Range Nicaragua Rum, 70cl, 40.5% – £28

Nicaraguan rum is known for its approachable style and slow maturation, due to softer climate than other parts of the Caribbean. Seductive and easy on the senses, the nose possesses ripe, fruity sweetness with notes of coffee and wood spice – which the palate delivers in style.

The Classic Range Guatemala Rum, 70cl, 40.5% – £28

With a long history in the exportation of sugar cane, Guatemala is renowned for some of the world’s most celebrated rums. This rum has a soft yet complex feel; the nose is perfumed with tropical fruit and sandal wood leading to a lingering, vibrant palate.

The Classic Range Jamaica Rum, 70cl, 40.5% – £28

With a long-steeped history in rum production, Jamaica produces unique, distinctive and full-flavoured spirits. The nose is sweet and spicy with rich, syrupy intensity, which is balanced by a dryness on the palate and is a fine example of the country’s ability to create a superb rum.

The Classic Range Barbados Rum, 70cl, 40.5% – £28

Often claimed to be the birthplace of rum, Barbados has over 350 years of experience growing sugar cane. This rum from Foursquare Distillery is sublimely balanced – the nose gives sweet honey which is tempered by gentle earthy notes. The palate is rich and generous with ripe banana and melon carrying into the finish.