BFFF launches new guidelines on frozen food storage and handling

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has launched its Guide to the Storage and Handling of Frozen Foods 2012 edition to continue to facilitate a common approach to the frozen food supply chain in light of recent developments in the industry.  

Originally launched in 1994, following on from the UKAFFP Code of Recommended Practice for the Handling of Quick Frozen Foods, the BFFF publication was produced to bring the latest recommended practice for the frozen food supply chain in line with UK and EU legislative changes on quick frozen food. 

For 2012, BFFF has revised the advice, which has facilitated an understanding between the frozen food industry and the enforcement authorities, to reflect the many legislative changes and technological advances in quick frozen foods since 1994. 

Brian Young, director general of BFFF, said: “British Frozen Food Federation works on behalf of the whole supply chain for the frozen food industry, including producers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, importers and companies providing services to the industry. Significant advances in technology and changes in EU legislation prompted us to update this well established guide, which has been the bedrock of ensuring understanding and compliance across the supply chain since 1994.

“We believe a key part of our mission is to facilitate an effective and efficient supply chain – and the updated guide will help to achieve this.”