Bibigo launches frozen vegetable steamed dumplings

Steamed Vegetable dumpling

Bibigo is introducing vegetable steamed dumplings following the successful launch of a range of BBQ sauces and a frozen crispy dumplings range in Tesco stores and independent retailers nationwide.

Bibigo is owned by CJ Foods, an established South Korean food company. The Bibigo brand encompasses global restaurants and a wide range of food products such as Korean sauces, marinades, snacks and much more. 

The Bibigo steamed vegetable dumplings are a frozen product and come in a pack of six with a recommended RSP of £2.40. The dumplings are said to be easy to cook and are microwavable requiring only two minutes, making them healthy and convenient. The dumplings are also packed within a microwavable tray making preparation time even quicker. The Bibigo steamed vegetable dumplings are filled with a variety of tasty vegetables as well as tofu and covered in a light dumpling wrapper. The dumplings are ideal for lunch as a light snack or as part of a canapé selection. 

Ruby Huang, marketing manager at Bibigo, said: “We are very excited about the launch of the new Bibigo steamed vegetable dumplings. We have had some fantastic feedback from customers and stockists after our first retail launch which was incredibly successful. Our Taste of Korea event and live store sampling has also proven to be crucial in creating awareness and increasing sales. We strongly believe the new steamed vegetable dumplings will become popular with a variety of customers as not only are they convenient and healthy but they are easy to store, easy to cook and taste delicious.”

Dumplings are fundamental to the Korean culture as they are a traditional dish served either as a starter, side dish or even for breakfast. Dumplings are also eaten on special occasions as a celebratory dish and also served on a number of festive occasions too. Bibigo always ensure that their products are healthy as well as being tasty for example their sauces have no MSG or trans fat and their dumplings are low in sodium. Bibigo also uses high quality ingredients sourced from Korea therefore authenticity is guaranteed. 

According to Brian Young, director general of the British Frozen Food Federation UK, frozen food sales are set stabilise during 2014 as the UK economy starts to show signs of real recovery. Mintel also suggests that prepared meals which include ready to cook products continue to show high levels of popularity with the market forecast to grow by 28.4% to a total of £4.9bn in 2017.

Bibigo said it will also be organising product sampling for the steamed vegetable dumplings on 24, 25 and 30 January and the 1 of February 2014 at the following Tesco stores: Slough Wellington Extra, Lea Valley Extra, Surrey Quays, and Wembley Extra. The steamed vegetable dumplings will be available in 16 Tesco stores initially with an outlook to increase these listings over the year.