BIC Kids range rewarded with ‘Recommended by teachers’ stamp

BIC has unveiled new packaging for its BIC Kids range, proudly displaying a ‘Recommended by teachers’ stamp. Coupled with recently released market data showing that the BIC Kids Tropicolors 2 colouring pencils, BIC Kids Visa felt pens and BIC Kids Plastidecor crayons lines are all amongst the UK’s key market sellers, the news confirms the stationery brand’s popularity and extensive knowledge and expertise in child development.

Jonathan Skyrme, general manager at BIC UK, said: “The ability to creatively express ones thoughts and feelings by putting pen to paper is perhaps the most important stage in a child’s development. Visualising, drawing and finally displaying their creation is a fundamental stepping stone used by parents and teachers to build both confidence and self-belief. However, in order for a child to have this opportunity they must first have the correct tools available to them, which is exactly why we created the BIC® Kids Colouring Range. It’s fantastic to see the products going down so well.”

BIC’s complete range of colouring materials caters to all ages from toddlers to early teens, and with its clever colour-coding it’s easy to ensure that each product reaches the correct age group – sky blue products are for the early learner, royal blue are for the heavy user colouring at home and at school, and deep purple are designed for the more creatively minded, all coming together to make a colourful, creative family.

Having recently developed a website, BIC works tirelessly to help children to partake in an abundance of fun activities throughout their play time. With its specially designed kid’s corner featuring more than 300 activities including folding exercises, colouring sheets, hand writing tips and memory games, your child will never miss a chance to stretch their creative skills. Whether your child is a beautiful princess or a brave knight there is something for everyone. Parents and teachers can also get involved with their own special areas featuring the latest in child development news, lesson plans and activity ideas to get their child’s creative juices flowing.