BIC launches slimline flint lighter with roll and press mechanism in six colours

New BIC lighters

New BIC lighters

BIC is commemorating its 40th anniversary as a lighter manufacturer with the UK arrival of its new slim and sleek BIC SLIC lighter. Available from August 2013 in a variety of packaging formats, the BIC SLIC flint lighter comes in six colours; lime, yellow, red, blue black and white, along with a brand new “roll and press” system which 78% say they find convenient to use.

Around 60% of lighters on the market are in flint format, making it a popular choice amongst users, said BIC. This new slimline design is suitable for anyone’s needs and includes a sleek new hood design and is guaranteed to last up to 1,400 lights, further increasing its desirability, the company claims.

BIC is supporting the new BIC SLIC with trade and marketing promotion including advertising in key print titles. 

As all BIC pocket lighters, BIC SLIC lighters are manufactured by BIC, in one of its own factories located in France. Before leaving the factory, every BIC lighter is tested and goes through more than 50 individual and automatic quality-control checks, the company reports.

In order to meet consumer expectations, all BIC pocket lighters, including BIC SLIC lighters, meet and exceed the standards of the international safety specifications ISO 9994. It also complies with the child resistant device EN13869R. 

Product specifications:

  • Mechanic: flint, up to 1,400 lights guaranteed 
  • Design: new and unique style of hood, slim line design with classic BIC® branding and the iconic red pusher
  • Quality: made by BIC with high quality raw materials
  • Safety: meet or exceed ISO 9994 international safety standard requirements, child resistant, goes through 50 quality checks 
  • Six colours available: lime, yellow, red, white, blue and black
  • Dimensions: 74mm x 20mm x 8mm
  • Capacity: 2.1g of gas
  • Packaging formats available: RRP: 89p per lighter
  • Tray (x50 lighters in each tray): 116mm x 92mm 77mm 
  • Blister pack of three