Biopanel Systems launches with fingerprint solution to manage and interact with workforces


A new company has launched to provide large workforce companies with a unique Workforce Management Solution to communicate and interact with staff through Biometric fingerprint technology.

Biopanel Systems offers technology that identifies each employee with a single fingerprint scan to collate data for each user profile, validate time and attendance as well as communicating messages for the user to respond to through touch screen technology.

The recently launched company also offers tailored software to help meet client needs including personalised messaging, staff scheduling, payroll, HR management and invoicing. Clients have the unique opportunity to log into an online portal to view dashboards to analyse staff attendance, communications and costs.

The tablet technology which is used within Biopanel can also incorporate a dual screen allowing clients and partners to stream videos above the main communication portal. Utilising the dual screen to host Health and Safety messages, daily targets, staff shop promotions and external advertising.

Once installed, clients are able to regularly tailor messages to their workforces to manage their staff through scheduling overtime and training, but also understanding their staff through questions designed to survey staff satisfaction and wellbeing.

Matt Thomson, sales & development manager at Biopanel Systems, said: “This system is a first in using fingerprint technology to not only revolutionise the payroll of workforces but to give companies the ability to communicate with a captive audience and act in a HR role to monitor the engagement of their workforce through capturing data foruser profiles.

“On top of this solution we offer a service to our clients to provide them with instant access to data analysis of their workforce for smoother management of payroll.”

Biopanel Systems is installed at over 60 client locations including Monsoon and Travis Perkins.