Biorhythmic toothpaste brand, KARMICARE, looks to disrupt market

The global oral care market is expected to reach $31.7B by 2028 and to grow by 5.9% annually. Belgian brand, KARMICARE has developed a revolutionary approach to oral healthcare with a biorhythmic toothpaste in the first shakeup to toothpaste formulas since 1873.

Founded by entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast, Victor Popov who used his own experience of sleepless nights and feeling run-down to research the effects of products in his daily routine. He was shocked to discover toxic ingredients that were interfering with his natural rhythms and wellbeing including the harmful ingredients in toothpaste, one of the most used products. In particular, he was surprised by the link between fluoride and disrupted sleep. Inspired to create two unique toothpaste formulas to support improved wellness and sleep, Victor spent the following four years researching the scientific studies that showcased its ingredients as the key products for a well life.

The morning formula “Awake” includes scientifically proven ingredients to awaken the body including lime, mint and guarana, a fruit that naturally contains four times the caffeine than a coffee bean. The powerful ingredients support a healthy lifestyle with scientific research linking them to reducing the risk of cancer, boosting immunity and improving skin.

The innovative evening toothpaste ‘Asleep’ includes valerian, a sleep-inducing herb. Scientists found that people taking valerian had an 80% greater chance of reporting improved sleep. It also reduces anxiety, as well as menopausal and PMS symptoms. The formula is infused with cinnamon and orange which have hidden healing benefits.

For sleep-troubled consumers, KARMICARE excludes fluoride which scientists have linked to decreased melatonin and sleep disturbances. Those with sensitive teeth, lesions or receding gums benefit from a medical marvel mineral called nano-hydroxyapatite to remineralise and restore enamel.

The sleep industry is a growing space and the global market is forecast to be worth $101.7B by 2026. The pandemic worsened issues for sleep-poor Brits, with consumer searches for ‘help sleeping’ increasing by 376% when the government announced the second UK lockdown. Unlike traditional toothpaste, KARMICARE offers a non-toxic and biocompatible oral health solution for tired consumers to aid a restful night’s sleep.

Victor strives for a positive mental wellbeing through the use of self-reflection and a belief that you receive what you put into the world led him to include ‘karma’ in the name. As modern lives can be hectic, the opportunity to self-reflect in the mirror at the beginning and end of the day are key to Victor who wants to share his passion with others.

The ‘Awake’ and ‘Asleep’ toothpaste formulas start from £21 and are available to purchase from The full hygiene kit including one white toothbrush for gentle cleansing, one black toothbrush coated in toxin-absorbing charcoal for deep cleansing and a whitening floss is available for £34.

Victor Popov, founder and CEO of KARMICARE, commented: “I struggled for many years with my sleep and saw the detrimental effect that it can have on you the next day. After trying every gimmick and trick to help improve my sleep with no results, I looked into the ingredients in toothpaste. I was shocked by what I found out, the ingredients affect not only your sleep but your overall wellness and health.

“Over the previous four years, I researched the key ingredients to help support a good night’s sleep and good
physical and mental health by consulting scientific research. KARMICARE offers a healthy lifestyle with different formulas for the two different times when you use toothpaste. I hope to transform the lives of other people who’ve suffered from the same issues as I have.

“Although our first product tackles toothpaste, our goal is to leverage our profits to increase community access to healthcare.”