Birds Eye helps customers mind their peas with Petits Pois traceability facebook app

Petits Pois: traceability app

Petits Pois: traceability app

Birds Eye, the UK’s leading frozen food brand, has launched a Facebook application this month (November 2013) to allow shoppers to trace the origin of their Petits Pois.

The new app celebrates Birds Eye’s heritage of over 65 years of growing peas and documents the military-style harvest operation that is exercised in order to ensure that the much loved veg goes from picked to frozen within less than two and a half hours.

Traceable packaging is being introduced across the Birds Eye Petits Pois range, with each pack providing the shopper with a unique code to be inputted into the Facebook app to reveal where in the UK their Petits Pois were grown.

Alongside the discovery of the region of origin, the Facebook app ( will showcase exclusive video content that demonstrates the expertise involved in growing the crop and the stringent quality control processes that go into producing the nation’s favourite peas. The shopper will also be privy to special photography of the pea harvest and factory processes.

Facebook users will be able to navigate through the app even if they do not have a code and a social sharing functionality will enable users to promote the tracker on their social media pages.

Birds Eye senior brand manager, Matt Blackmore, said: “We are hugely proud of the way in which we grow and harvest our peas – and work hard to ensure our product is the best it possibly can be.  We wanted to share this story with our consumers and create understanding of the incredible journey our Petits Pois go on before they reach people’s plates. It’s been great fun creating this app and we hope people enjoy learning more about where their food comes from and the care and commitment that goes into each pod.”