Birds Eye launches new Inspirations burgers for the summer

New Inspirations burgers

For those looking to create bigger and meatier burgers at home, the new 5oz Steak Burgers are generously sized and are 25% bigger than the traditional Quarter Pounder alternatives, made with five simple ingredients: steak, salt, pepper, rosemary and crumb.

Sean Staunton, brand manager at Birds Eye, comments: “We worked hard to pack the burgers full of flavour, making them perfect for all occasions – whether a summer barbeque with family, or as a special midweek meal inspired by eating out.

Our Birds Eye Inspirations range is created for consumers looking to treat themselves and indulge in incredible tasting restaurant-quality food, but without the restaurant price tag.”

Birds Eye Inspirations Steak Burgers are available in Tesco now and in Sainsbury’s and Asda on 25 June for £2.50.

Birds Eye Inspirations Quarter Pounders are available in Asda and in Sainsbury’s on 25 June for £3.25.