BisBas improves Middle Eastern cooking sauces and wins Whole Foods Market listing

New, improved BisBas sauces

New, improved BisBas sauces

BisBas is launching new and improved Middle Eastern cooking sauces which have just been listed in Whole Foods Market, the leading natural and organic supermarket.

BisBas said it has been working closely with its new product development team to create a healthier and more natural sauce range which is now completely free from sulphides and preservatives as well as any artificial colours or flavours. BisBas’ packaging has also been updated to highlight the new natural credentials of the sauces.

Muna Khorsheed, director at BisBas, said: “We are very proud of our new and improved all natural sauces and we are also extremely excited about our new listing with Whole Foods too. As a family run company, our aim is to create tasty and healthy sauces that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. As well as being gluten free and nut free, our sauces are now free from sulphides, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Having our sauces stocked in Whole Foods has been the icing on the cake and from the success of our recent taster days we are planning to gain more listings in the future.”

The sauce range already covers many dietary requirements as they are gluten free, nut free and suitable for vegans and coeliacs. The BisBas sauces come in three varieties; Fozia a sweet tomato and coriander Arabian cooking sauce which contains black onion seeds and green chillies, a tasty sauce full of flavour. The second sauce in the range is Safia an aromatic tomato based sauce with flavours of garlic and herbs with a fresh, mellow and rich taste. The third sauce in the range is Saba which is a spinach and coriander sauce which has a very unique fragrant and fresh flavour. All three sauces come in 350g jars with a RRP of £3.75. All of the BisBas sauces contain Middle Eastern spices and flavours that have been used for thousands of years.

New data from Innova Market Insights states the entire free from category is widening out to not only cover gluten free but also covers preservative free along with many others. The consumer demand for all natural products has grown considerably in the last few years and BisBas are extremely pleased with the developments they have made to their sauces.

BisBas was created after two sisters in laws Muna and Muna decided to share their love of Middle Eastern cooking. Their traditional family recipes led them to create their delicious and exotic range of gluten free cooking sauces. The BisBas sauces are available in Whole Foods Market, Kensington, and selected independent retailers.