BitesWeLove: best-selling Dutch snack brand to arrive in Sainsbury’s this summer


Nutritious, plant-based and delicious, BitesWeLove is making its debut in Sainsbury’s this summer. After conquering the healthy snack market in the Netherlands, the vegan brand is setting up shop on British turf, showcasing its award-winning Crunchy Peas over the course of four months at 70 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, as part of the Taste of the Future Trial Bay.  

The female-led company, founded by Marleen Basart and Liesbeth Gouwens, is on a mission to change the way people snack. According to Nielsen, 50% of European shoppers have reduced their meat consumption. Tapping into the vegan and vegetarian market, the team only use the best plant-based ingredients, like nuts, peas and beans, and they keep fats, sugar and salt in check too. Scoring very highly nutritionally, their Sour Cream & Jalapeño come in at a score of –3 points, certified a healthy alternative according to the Nutritional Profiling System. The supermarket marks BitesWeLove’s first selling point in the UK, and the products are also available on Amazon.  

With 31% claiming to be snacking at home more since covid-19 and with 36% giving into food cravings more (data from Nielsen), BitesWeLove is serious about satisfying snack hankerings in a healthy way. It crams its roasted peas with inventive and moreish flavour combinations and the perfect amount of crunch, culminating in an irresistible bite at a reasonable price. 

The core range features three flavours – all high in fibre, a source of plant protein and containing 60% less fat than comparable vegetable snacks and crisps as well as being vegan and palm-oil free. With 63% of people snacking daily, increasing to 76% for 18-34 year olds (data from Mintel), the standing pouches (100g) are excellent for health-driven consumers, vegans and those who fancy nibbling on wholesome snacks in between work, with a drink, or on-the-go.  

Sea Salt & Black Pepper: an aged-old seasoning combination that’s popular for good reason. BitesWeLove have added both to their roasted green peas – think super crunchy, light and full of flavour. An unrivalled savoury snack that’s an exciting twist on a shopping basket classic.  

Smoked Paprika: these morsels of deliciousness pack a subtle heat and smokey flavour. Only using natural herbs and spices, they are considerably healthier than your standard snacking nuts. Roasted peas have never tasted so good.  

Sour Cream & Jalapeño: warning – these are impossible to put down. The perfect equilibrium between spicy and cool flavours, the Sour Cream & Jalapeño peas add a Tex-Mex kick to snacking routines across the nation.  

BitesWeLove has already proved popular in its motherland. Its products are found in more than 1,300 retail stores and in over 1,000 food service locations in the Netherlands. In the last year alone, the company grew over 55%, selling over 2 million bags of bites and not forgetting the 40,000 people who received BitesWeLove as a work-from-home gift from their employer.  

The company have already made a huge impact, and have a mantlepiece of awards to show for it. Just a few months ago, BitesWeLove became the 2021 Gold Winner by being named International Challenger Brand of 2021 in the Future Brands competition at Food Matters Live, and also received a Great Taste Award in 2020 for the Crunchy Peas in Sea Salt & Black Pepper. With the nation constantly on the look-out for healthy snacking alternatives, BitesWeLove are leading the new snack revolution charge. Their products not only give your body a healthy hand, they’re packed full of flavour and goodness, and are sure to take the UK by storm this summer.