BJSS delivery reduces development costs while improving user experience at Waitrose


BJSS, an award-winning delivery-focused IT consultancy, has successfully delivered an engagement on behalf of Waitrose, enabling the retailer to reduce its development costs whilst improving productivity.

BJSS re-engineered the existing client application software suite deployed to devices, enhancing the user experience and improving reliability and responsiveness.

The devices are used to facilitate inventory and store room management in addition to shop floor activities such as inventory, shelf and waste management, price reductions of perishable goods, and product transfers.

In addition to the enhancements made to its device estate, Waitrose’s software delivery process was further improved with the introduction of a Continuous Integration environment an automated test framework and an Open Source-based toolchain.

Charles Webb, Waitrose head of IT delivery, said: “I am very impressed with BJSS’ approach and the speed which the team demonstrated results. BJSS worked with us to introduce a more efficient delivery process enabling us to confidently deploy changes across all our stores in a fraction of the time and with greatly improved quality.”

BJSS head of practices, Grant Thomas, said: “I am pleased that BJSS has been able to add value to the development process and user experience of one of Britain’s favourite retailers. Waitrose is renowned for its focus on customer service and quality. The enhancements made to their software delivery processes will enable Waitrose to reduce their development costs by as much as two thirds.”