Black Irish secures travel retail listing with The Loop in Dublin Airport

Black Irish, the original Irish Whiskey made dark, has secured a listing with the global travel retailer ARI, which will see the innovative brand available at The Loop, Dublin Airport. Further plans to launch in Cork Airport and online at are underway, expecting to launch in early 2022.

Black Irish builds upon the growing international consumer adoption and love of Irish Whiskey and Irish Stout. The liquid contains triple distilled blended Irish Whiskey matured in deep-charred American ex-bourbon casks. The whiskey is then made dark with a blend of strong stout and barrel-aged stout, which is also used in part to cut the cask strength whiskey to the bottling strength of 40%. This robust stout is filled with rich complex coffee aromas mingled with light bitter notes. Rich infusions of chocolate malt and roasted barley are also used to accentuate the character and further deepen the colour of the liquid. 

The end result is an Irish Whiskey made dark with stout, chocolate malt, and roasted barley. Not only is the liquid new to the category but the bottle and branding are too. The bottle and label are a nod to the world of stout which elevates these borrowed elements into something new.  The bottle is inspired by vintage beer bottles and is produced in bespoke dark glass, it also features a unique to the category closure – a crown cap and flip-top closure. 

Developed by Dublin-based Darker Still Spirits Company, who wanted to put a unique twist on Ireland’s most famous exports, Black Stout and Irish Whiskey, with the intention of creating a whiskey subcategory.  With a 40% ABV, it has been designed to appeal to both whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers.

 David Phelan, co-founder of Darker Still Spirits Company, said: “We are so pleased that Black Irish has gained a listing with The Loop, Dublin Airport, in the brand’s home country. To see the brand listed in the global travel retail channel is another great achievement and a key channel for us to build on the success of this innovative brand, not only with Irish consumers but those international passengers traveling through Ireland who want to try two of country’s most loved exports in one drink – Irish Whiskey and Irish stout.”

Tracey Jordan, Liquor & Tobacco Buyer for ARI, Ireland, said: “We are delighted to include Black Irish in our portfolio, it is an exceptional liquid with fantastic branding and a great presence that will stand out on the shelves. Just like the brand, we are passionate about innovation and offering travelers new, exclusive products. We look forward to working with the Darker Still Spirits Co. team to help them drive the success of Black Irish in the travel retail industry.” 

The brand is currently distributed in the UK and Europe through premium spirits distributor, Kirker Greer Spirits and in Ireland by Dalcassian. 

Black Irish is available now at The Loop, Dublin Airport and will retail at €25 for non-EU flights and €37 for EU flights. For more information on Black Irish please visit and for more information on The Loop please visit,