Black Sheep Coffee to make UK debut at London Coffee Festival and launch fine Robusta

UK launch for Black Sheep Coffee

UK launch for Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee, which claims to be breaking with current market trends by bringing the first ‘fine Robusta’ to the UK market, is launching at  the London Coffee Festival (3-6 April 2014).

To consumers who are used to drinking coffee made with Arabica beans, traditionally considered to be better quality, Black Sheep Coffee’s Robusta offers a surprisingly different taste profile – one which has received rave reviews at the company’s Camden café and travelling coffee station, the company reports.

The Robusta Revival

Experts describe the taste of premium Robusta as rich, creamy, and sweet with a less acidic tone than that of Arabica, but reminiscent of subtle hints of lemon. Robusta beans have the added benefit they provide about twice the caffeine of Arabica beans. The company’s first product Robusta Revival is a first to market, an unorthodox addition to the UK coffee revolution, and reflects the brand ethos of doing things differently and challenging the status quo, Black Sheep Coffee said.

The product uses a Robusta coffee from a single-estate in India, which is the only estate in the world to have received three “Fine Robusta” certifications by tasting experts. In addition to being aromatic, Robusta Revival is also, as its taste indicates, lower in acidity, as well as having significantly greater levels of protein which help to make for a much richer crema when brewed as an espresso. Due to its high caffeine content, it is particularly well received by athletes and people with an active lifestyle, the company claims. As such, Black Sheep has attracted attention from a rather unusual crowd, ranging from world-renowned athletes to coffee experts, both Q and R grader certified. 

Co-founder of Black Sheep Coffee, Gabe Shohet, said: “We’re proud to be bringing a product to market that has such a strong point of difference and be able to introduce UK retailers, caterers and consumers to an exciting new concept in coffee, a high-grade Robusta bean. Since starting the company towards the end of last year we’ve been really encouraged by comments from our café customers who, most importantly, love the taste of the product, and then secondly are really interested in the concept of using a premium Robusta bean. There are so many people out there who have been drinking coffee for years and have never had the chance to taste a 100% Robusta product. For most of our customers this is a first and I never get tired of watching their smiles as they try a completely new flavour for the first time.”