Black Sheep Coffee secures trial with Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market trial for Black Sheep

Whole Foods Market trial for Black Sheep

New hot beverage company, Black Sheep Coffee, has won a retail trial listing with Whole Foods Market, launching its product Robusta Revival – claimed to be the UK’s first ‘fine Robusta’ bean coffee – in the store’s Kensington High Street branch.

To consumers who are used to drinking coffee made with Arabica beans, traditionally considered to be better quality, Black Sheep Coffee’s Robusta offers a different taste profile – one which has received rave reviews at the company’s cafés in Camden and Old Street.

Experts describe the taste of premium Robusta as rich, creamy, and sweet with a less acidic tone than that of Arabica, but reminiscent of subtle hints of walnut and dark chocolate. Robusta beans have the added benefit that they provide about twice the caffeine of Arabica beans. The company’s first product Robusta Revival is a first to market, an unorthodox addition to the UK coffee revolution, and reflects the brand ethos of doing things differently.

Co-founder of Black Sheep Coffee, Anders Chr Wilhelmsen, said: “We’re really excited to have been given an opportunity with Whole Foods Market, a retailer who we feel strongly reflects our brand ethos of healthy living and challenging the status quo. We’re working with WFM to run a few taster aeropress sessions so look forward to educating shoppers about the benefits of ‘fine Robusta’ coffee and hopefully converting more than a few too!”

Black Sheep Coffee’s Robusta Revival will retail at £4.99 at Whole Foods Market.