Blakemore fresh foods expansion boosts sales

The Blakemore Fresh Foods Talbot Green trading team from left: Jon Jackson, Dewi Phillips, Andrew Hunt and Dave Llewelyn

The Blakemore Fresh Foods Talbot Green trading team from left: Jon Jackson, Dewi Phillips, Andrew Hunt and Dave Llewelyn

Blakemore Fresh Foods expects to have achieved record sales, in excess of £36m, for the 2014/15 financial year, following a successful expansion into new trading areas.

The fresh meat wholesaler and importer opened a new office in Bristol at the start of 2015, in addition to launching trading bases in South Wales, London and Nottingham in recent years.

This success follows the company’s £3.5m investment in a bespoke cutting, storage facility and head offices, located at Hilton Cross, South Staffordshire, in 2010.

Trading director, Richard Brownjohn acknowledged the whole of the Fresh Foods team for the part that they have played in this success before outlining ambitious plans for the future.

“It is our ambition to be recognised as one of the top five meat importers and wholesalers in the UK, and the contribution of those within our new offices, in addition to the existing expertise that we have across our operation, will be vital towards us achieving this goal,” he said.

Richard also pointed to the important role that the company’s Welsh trading team have played in the growth of Blakemore Fresh Foods after three successful years with the business.

The team that works out of the Talbot Green regional distribution centre all began working for Blakemore on April 16th in 2012 and have since brought £7.5m worth of business to the company.

Trading manager Jon Jackson along with rraders Dewi Phillips, Andrew Hunt and Dave Llewelyn, has developed trade with local butchers, farm shops and pubs across Wales and the West Midlands.

Phillips is also a fluent Welsh speaker, which has given the company access to a more diverse customer base across the region.

Brownjohn said: “The contribution of the traders based in our Welsh office has been exceptional and by working alongside our existing team, we have developed trade through the Talbot Green office from nothing to almost £8m.

The business has also built upon the success of the Talbot Green Office by launching a new Bristol-based team, which consists of Giovanni Maniglia and Ross Henderson.

The new office was launched in January with the objective of developing trade across the West Country, from Gloucestershire through to Cornwall.

Brownjohn said: “The Bristol team is another example of how Blakemore Fresh Foods is growing and looking for new customers and markets to serve.

“The new operation has started off extremely well and has already brought more than 40 new customers to the business, with even more in the pipeline.”

Blakemore Fresh Foods forms part of the AF Blakemore group of companies and is an importer, wholesaler and manufacturer of fresh meat focusing upon global, national and local suppliers to serve a diverse and ever-growing customer base.