Blakemore Retail colleagues honoured for NSPCC fundraising


An awards ceremony has honoured Blakemore Retail employees who have gone the extra mile to help raise more than £3 million for the NSPCC.

The stunning total was raised by Blakemore Retail over the last decade through a wide range of fundraising events and challenges.

The glittering event was hosted by the charity at the Everyman Cinema in Birmingham to thank those who have gone above and beyond in their fundraising.

Among the eight award winners was Allen Collett, who scooped the Special Achievement Award. Over the past seven years, Allen, who has been described as having ‘unbelievable’ passion and determination for fundraising, has raised over £31,000 for the NSPCC.

The Winthorpe Avenue Spar team in Skegness won the title of Fundraising Team of the Year. Led by Sandra Brewster and Trish Worster, the team were named Blakemore Retail’s top fundraising store for 2016/2017, raising over £5,000. However, their efforts didn’t stop there. The team kept on raising money throughout 2017, with their Christmas events alone raising over £1,200.

After organising an online pigeon auction via Facebook, Darren Hunt got his friends to donate pigeons that he could auction. The auction raised £3,200 for the NSPCC and because of this, Hunt picked up the Most Creative Fundraising Event award.

NSPCC partnerships manager Alizée Moreau said:  “We wanted to show our support and gratitude towards the staff at Blakemore Retail for the incredible fundraising work they have done for the NSPCC.

“The staggering amount they have raised over the past ten years has been invaluable, and their continued support means that the NSPCC can reach yet more children in schools as part of our ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ campaign.

“The dedication shown by Blakemore Retail employees is something that we wanted to acknowledge, and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

AF Blakemore joint group managing director Geoff Hallam said: “This has been a fantastic event celebrating the hard work and dedication shown by our staff over the course of our 10-year partnership with the NSPCC.

“I am continuously being surprised by the lengths our staff will go to in order to support this worthy, life-changing cause, and I am privileged to have been able to thank our staff in person. On behalf of Blakemore Retail, I’d also like to thank the NSPCC for holding this event and acknowledging our staff in such a heart-felt way.”

As one of the charity’s longest standing partners, Blakemore Retail has previously supported NSPCC services such as Childline and the Helpline.

Money raised recently has been used to support the School Service, which visits primary schools across the country to deliver the NSPCC’s ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ campaign.

The campaign teaches children about abuse in an age appropriate way, and advises children on what to do if anything worries them.