Blakemore Trade Partners moves to weekly promotional cycle for Spar stores

Popular real deals at Spar

Popular real deals at Spar

Blakemore Trade Partners’ Spar estate is moving to weekly phased promotions this month (January 2013), in a move to create greater variety for shoppers and an easier system for retailers.

From today (17 January 2013), each three-weekly promotional period will be split into three sectors – alcohol, fresh and frozen, grocery and non-foods – meaning there will be a new promotion available every week.

Not only will the move make it easier for promotions to be implemented at a store level, it is hoped it will increase sales and drive footfall, said Blakemore Trade Partners.

The change to the in-store promotions cycle follows success at Spar’s wholesaler for the North of England James Hall, which moved to phased promotions almost two years ago and has reported a significant increase in sales.

The new phased promotions plan promotes off-licence in week one, fresh and frozen in week two and grocery in week three, running over a three-week period. The point-of-sale packs provided to Spar stores in order to implement the deals in store are colour coded and linked to each week, with the colours matching the ordering paperwork to make it as easy for retailers and staff to follow.

Seeking retailer feedback has been a priority to gauge the effectiveness and popularity of this new initiative, said Maia Riley, marketing manager for Blakemore Trade Partners.

“Moving to phased promotions will provide a greater variety of offers for customers, and make promotions easier to implement for retailers and their staff.

“Spar’s highly successful national three-weekly Real Deals promotions provide a unique selling point for Spar, as they place greater emphasis on multi-buys and price promotional elements,” said Riley.

Phased promotions have now been discussed at a national level and Spar wholesalers Appleby Westward and CJ Lang will start implementing them from May 2013. Henderson’s will continue to keep the new system under review.