Blue Yonder and Capgemini launch new M2M/loT platform to automate business processes


Blue Yonder, the leading platform provider of predictive applications in the European market and Capgemini, one of the worlds foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, have intensified their collaboration with respect to the Internet of Things and developed a new Connected Services Platform. This standardized connected services platform provides a unique solution for automated information exchange between connected devices, manufacturer and customer thereby leading to increased efficiencies and cost savings.

By incorporating Predictive Applications that run on Blue Yonder’s platform with CRM software, a wide variety of end-devices that require services such as maintenance, customer support, and field services can be intelligently linked. This turns products into holistic services within a business network of distributors, service partners, and most importantly, their customers. The Platform powered by Blue Yonder and Capgemini is taking the next step in realizing the potential for using the data generated by connected devices to create business value: The path to monetizing Machine to Machine (M2M) data has been paved.

“Connected services will change the relationship between manufacturers and their customers, because all possible channels can be used to create a unique proactive service experience. Using reliable forecasts, the areas of sales, maintenance, and customer service can be considerably optimised as well as adapted to individual customer requirements. Additional uses of this service include connected cars,connected manufacturing and fleet management,” said professor Dr. Michael Capone, Principal Business Analyst at Capgemini.

Peter Eck, VP sales of Blue Yonder, said: Connected services will allow new business models to develop by interconnecting intelligent services and products. In our collaboration with Capgemini, we have an excellent partner by our side to support organisations in mastering this digital change and to effectively show them how the Internet of Things will quickly drive business growth.”

The connected city – an initial bright pilot project

Blue Yonder and Capgemini have already demonstrated the benefits of connected services in a pilot project involving LED streetlights.Municipalities and local councils are now able to reduce the total cost of powering street lights  this results in a significant amount of cost savings, not only through reducing the total energy consumption, but also lowering the cost of maintenance which reduces the amount of total resources required.

Equipped with sensors, which measure vibrations, bulb temperature, as well as, the total light given off by the lamp, Blue Yonders predictive application uses the transmitted data to predict the probability of default by each individual streetlight. This provides functional insight in order to take preventative measures. Capgemini helps the customer to define the application of M2M data, calculates the ROI of M2M investments, integrates ConnectedService solutions into existing ERP landscapes and manages the implementation of the solution worldwide.

The decisive element of a predictive application is the ability to automate decisions and trigger the most appropriate actions. Data is not just read and interpreted. Using the Connected Services solution, various cases are automatically created for the specific connected device, independent of whether an issue has arisen or is about to occur. This opens a new dimension of service. Instead of waiting for the customer to report an issue or request assistance and then responding to the problem, the data that is generated through M2M systems and the end devices connected to them is analyzed in order to proactively trigger the most appropriate response.

Potential problem scenarios such as a drop in productivity and incidents can be predicted and the customer can be offered the right service proactively. In addition, the end device itself triggers the right decision and reports it to the organization, in which instance the corresponding service offering is adapted to the specific case. There are many more pioneering and exciting projects currently being undertaken through the partnership of Blue Yonder and Capgemini, among them the connected car and connected farm.

High market potential

As the Internet of Things grows in innovation and discovery, so do the number of processes, sensors and communication semiconductors available for exploitation of data. Gartner Analysts predict that sales in these three product areas alone will increase by 36.2% in the next year compared to previous years. By comparison, the semiconductor market is set to grow by 5.7%. The processors, which include microcontrollers and embedded processors, then come to a total market value of $7.58bn. The sensors both optical and non-optical in turn, will make a jump in sales by 47.5%.