Blue Yonder UK appoints alliance director to grow partner ecosystem


Blue Yonder, a leading provider of predictive analytics, today announced the appointment of Hugh Thomas-Davies as its new alliance director within the UK and Ireland.

In this newly created role, Thomas-Davies will be responsible for supporting and growing the company’s partner ecosystem across the region, as well as working with selected global partners, in order to deliver increased customer value.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the European technology industry, Thomas-Davies joins Blue Yonder from his Alliance Director role at eMeter – a software provider acquired by Siemens that manages data from Smart Meters used by electricity, gas and water utilities. Thomas-Davies brings proven experience in strategic alliances, consulting and technical roles having previously held executive positions at a number of leading technology vendors, including Crossgate, Oracle and Veritas – the latter of which was acquired by Symantec in 2005.

Thomas-Davies is tasked with developing new coordinated strategies and propositions that will leverage the skills and knowledge of both existing and prospective Blue Yonder partners across all of the company’s key industries – from retail to financial services and utilities. This approach will ensure that all partners are well-versed in delivering the full range of product knowledge and capable of offering combined solutions to joint customers in a streamlined and strategic way.

“Blue Yonder is an established leader in the data science and Predictive Analytics space who now has the opportunity to play a key part in the larger Big Data transformation story. Predictive Analytics is an exciting industry that can have a huge impact on customer profitability, from basic cost reductions to improving customer retention,” said Hugh Thomas-Davies.

“I am looking forward to developing, managing and growing our partner ecosystem to enable Blue Yonder to provide customers with improved insights and decision-making capabilities within their own business infrastructure. By offering a combined service, not just a set of tools, Blue Yonder and its partners can work together to deliver all aspects of the customer data chain, from requirements gathering through to data delivery, providing timely and profitable value for any type of organisation.”

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Blue Yonder enables companies across a range of sectors to analyse their Big Data to help improve the accuracy of their sales forecasts or marketing campaigns and increase overall profitability. Initially developed at the CERN Institute, Blue Yonder offers a proven scientific, machine-learning, predictive analytics solution that integrates and analyses historical and external big data sources to predict future product and customer requirements and trends.

“We are seeing increased demand for our Predictive Analytics technology in sectors beyond retail as awareness around the real business value of Big Data grows,” said Rakesh Harji, UK managing director at Blue Yonder. “We are delighted to welcome Hugh Thomas-Davies to the team and I look forward to working with him closely as we continue the Blue Yonder expansion across Europe.”