Boden optimises online site design and boosts sales with HP Autonomy technology

Online clothing retailer Boden is using HP Optimost, HP Autonomy’s multivariate testing (MVT) technology, to boost sales through its web store.

Based in London, and operating in Austria, France, Germany, the UK and the United States, Boden has been using HP Optimost for four years to inform its web design and offer the best possible web experience for its customers.

HP Optimost tests combinations of web elements including layout, graphics, text and calls to action. This MVT technology allows Boden to respond to what its customers want by choosing the objectively best-performing web designs that result in increased conversions, order rates and revenue.

“How our customers interact with us is constantly evolving,” said Paul Knutton, e-commerce manager, Boden. “To make it easier for our customers to buy from us, we need to better understand their online behaviour, use that insight to quickly make improvements to our journeys and then measure the impact on conversion. All this needs to happen across an ever-growing number of devices and operating systems. HP Optimost helps make that possible.”

One recent test was focused around improving site design for tablets. Tablet shoppers represent an increasingly important market segment, with more and more people shopping through their mobile devices. Boden knew that driving more sales from tablets through its website would have a significant impact for the business, and used HP Optimost to test several variant menu designs for tablet browsing.

The winning design produced an average uplift of 14.3% in sales across the three regions in which Boden operates. The highest of these was an 18.6% uplift in one region.

“HP Optimost offers businesses a way to make simple improvements to their web platforms which can produce dramatic results,” said Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Marketing Optimisation, HP Autonomy.

“Retailers will find that design changes which seem small can unlock huge amounts of hidden value.”