Boots launches own brand biodegradable baby wipes

Boots has launched biodegradable baby wipes and claims to be the first UK retailer to offer a sustainable own-brand alternative. 

The new baby wipes are made from viscose, an FSC certified wood-based material which helps these wipes to degrade significantly faster when thrown away. Boots sells around 230 million own-brand baby wipes every year and the switch to biodegradable wipes will save over 200 tonnes of plastic a year. 

For 170 years Boots have been committed to being a socially responsible business and has made some significant changes in 2019, Boots has plans in place to reduce plastic usage by around 1,300 tonnes per year.

Kevin Heath, director of trading, health, wellness and toiletries at Boots said “We are thrilled to have developed a really good, more environmentally friendly product. Our new wipes are every bit as soft and strong, remain hypoallergenic, and are dermatologist-approved for sensitive skin. Making our own-brand baby wipes sustainable is the first step of an exciting journey for us as we plan to make all of our own-brand make-up wipes biodegradable by 2020.”

Boots own-brand Biodegradable Baby wipes are still priced at 75p and are now available online at and in most large Boots stores.