Boots moves to unbleached, brown, paper carrier bags

Boots has become the first national pharmacy, health and beauty retailer in the UK to move to unbleached (brown) paper carrier bags as standard. It will also be the first national pharmacy chain to move to unbleached paper dispensing bags.

The paper bags will replace plastic bags in 53 Boots stores across the UK, with a full roll out to all 2,485 stores completed by early 2020, and removing over 900 tonnes of plastic from Boots store operations each year.

Seb James, senior vice-president and managing director, Boots UK comments: “Plastic waste is undoubtedly one of the most important issues around the world today with TV shows like Blue Planet highlighting the effects of plastic pollution. This year, we are transforming Boots as we celebrate 170 years, and the move to unbleached paper bags is another pivotal moment in that journey. There is no doubt that our customers expect us to act and this change signifies a huge step away from our reliance on plastic.”

Recent research of 6,000 Boots customers shows how important this issue is to customers; when asked 92% of Boots customers are concerned about the number of plastic bags used in the UK and 94% agree that it is a good idea to move to paper bags.

Helen Normoyle, director of marketing, Boots UK added: “We have seen a significant shift in our customers’ attitudes towards plastics and recycling in recent years – there’s never been a more important time to show our customers that we’re taking action to reduce our impact. Our new paper bags have been carefully tested to make sure that over their entire life cycle they are better for the environment, whilst still being a sturdy, practical option for customers who haven’t bought their own bags with them when shopping.”

The new Boots bags are made from unbleached, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified recycled brown paper, which is printed with water-based inks so the bags can be easily recycled at home. Sourced and manufactured in the UK, the bags display the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) standard, which helps consumers to recycle correctly and more often.

Customers can purchase a small, medium or large paper carrier bag for 5p, 7p, or 10p. All profits will be donated to Boots long-term charity partner BBC Children in Need to support disadvantaged children across the UK.