BP shapes future of EV charging with new BP Chargemaster


BP is shaping the future of forecourt EV charging and making range anxiety a thing of the past as it launches BP Chargemaster, bringing 150kW ultra-rapid charging to the market.

Research by BP has shown that the UK EV market is growing, and that growth is getting faster year on year. In fact, plug-in car registrations grew by 10,000 units between 2016-17, and 13,000 between 2017-18.

With a total of 59,855 EV vehicles on the road in the UK last year, BP is supporting dealer partners in addressing the demand for access to a quick and efficient charging network.

The new BP Chargemaster 150kW installations optimise EV performance by providing as many as 100 miles worth of charge in 10 minutes, much faster than the current standard of 50kW charge points.

Howard Nunn, UK sales manager, said: “The customer is calling for faster charging to optimise performance and provide additional range. We’re proud to be bringing these 150kW installations to forecourts nationwide and making EV provisions accessible to dealers, helping them to keep up with customer needs on the forecourt and in the growing EV market.”

The roll out is anticipated to start with the first trial site in July, with a network in place by the end of 2019. The Chargemaster installations will be available on the Polar network which is used by around 45,000 EV drivers.