Bra firm improves online sales with ChannelAdvisor search solution


Bra brand Maidenform reports it has increased its online business after partnering with ChannelAdvisor, a global e-commerce platform provider, that enables retailers to sell more across online channels.

Maidenform said it has increased its paid search revenue since implementing ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Paid Search solution. Maidenform relies on ChannelAdvisor’s managed services team to handle its paid search campaigns to better overall efficiency and boost revenue.

“The personal attention and expert guidance that we’ve received from ChannelAdvisor has yielded impressive results,” said Nelson Sanchez, e-commerce director for Maidenform. “Our e-commerce business has accelerated to a level we have never experienced before.”

Managing all paid search efforts for Maidenform in the UK and the USA, ChannelAdvisor’s guidance and hands-on efforts have improved Maidenform’s overall paid search value by reducing costs and boosting sales.

ChannelAdvisor said its Paid Search solution helps retailers like Maidenform avoid costly mistakes by offering keyword performance analysis to eliminate any uncertainties. Evaluating data from click to conversion allows ChannelAdvisor’s Services team to bid on the highest performing keywords and increase sales.

“Maidenform is a historical and well-known manufacturer with a great future in e-commerce,” said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo. “Seeing positive results locally and abroad, Maidenform is well-positioned for greater expansion across new channels as well as internationally. We look forward to continuing our partnership and helping Maidenform build a competitive business online.”