Brands could increase engagement and revenue by sending more email, study shows



Brands could increase engagement and revenue by simply sending more email, according to research by digital marketing agency, Alchemy Worx.

The figures show brands can generate four times the number of opens, clicks, and revenue by doubling the number of emails they send to consumers. 

The research found that, if a brand were to send just one more email to its customers per month than it normally did it could, for a list of 5m subscribers, achieve an additional 1.9m opens (38% of the list) and an extra 175,000 email clicks (3.5% of the list).

Ultimately, by sending one more email brands could deliver an additional £1.8 million in revenue from email and deliver tangible return on investment to the brand, said Alchemy Worx.  

The figures also show these increases are not merely an anomaly of the first additional email sent every month, but an opportunity for brands to continue to increase the revenue by increasing the rate at which they contact consumers. 

Dela Quist, founder and CEO of Alchemy Worx, said: “The very idea of sending more emails to consumers may feel wrong to many marketers, but our data shows that by increasing the frequency of communication brands can not only increase the number of opens and clicks, but most importantly the revenue generated from email. This is not to say that brands should immediately start sending twice as many emails from tomorrow, but with a strategy to increase the number of emails over time a business can see real success.”

Zara Timms, data marketing manager for Aviva, said: “We are always looking for new ways to engage our customers and encourage them to our website. Working with Alchemy Worx, we made the decision to start sending more emails to our prospects and have seen some really great success over the last year. The new strategy has led to a 39% increase in the number of car and home insurance quotes requested by consumers, and has quadrupled the number of unique clicks as part of our customer acquisition programme.”

More email ≠ more unsubscribes

A common belief in the marketing industry is that sending more emails will increase the likelihood of these messages being marked as spam or result in consumers unsubscribing.  However, for a list of 1m subscribers, the potential additional revenue of increasing from sending four emails to eight per quarter could be as much as £1.3m, the potential loss in revenue from the number of consumers that might unsubscribe from the email list is only £18,000.

Quist said: “Too many marketers are still pursuing the Holy Trinity of email – segmentation, timeliness, and relevance – leading them down the path of sending fewer emails, to fewer people, less often.  Marketers must stop interpreting the maxim of sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time to mean sending less and instead use reach and frequency to make their subscribers feel the emails are relevant and timely.”

The analysis comes from Alchemy Worx’s own client data, which consists of 2.2bn emails sent to 40.6m recipients over the last year.