Brandwatch launches “Social Listening” report for retail industry

Brandwatch has launched a retail sector report examining the social media performance of 60 of the top US and UK retailers. It includes the likes of John Lewis, Tesco and New Look plus case study information on Argos and IKEA.

Key findings:


Activity levels

  • In one week, the 60 retail brands garnered over 904,793 content likes and almost 94,488 comments – from 663 brand posts
  • On an average day, the retailers publish 1.58 posts and 25.82 comments each
  • In turn their receive 24.26 posts and 234.50 comments from their followers
  • Around 89% of consumers’ comments are therefore left unanswered

Enabling features

  • Only 26 of the 60 brands allow users to check-in to their stores on Facebook
  • Those who do receive an average of 6,493 check-ins per day

Content popularity

  • While the majority of retailer posts are photos, image links perform better on average
  • Videos also attract more shares than photos on average and considerably more comments than any other type of post


Activity levels

  • On a typical day the examined retail brands receive 821.42 direct mentions – though this can rise to upwards of 11,000 for some of leading brands
  • Struggling to handle such levels, brands have a response rate of 4.9%

Time of day

  • Inbound @mentions for brands are highest on Tuesdays
  • The average number of consumer posts are greatest on Thursday

Response rates

  • According to a simple experiment, UK brands had a higher response rate to @mentions and direct questions of their brand than their US counterparts
  • Retail brands on responded to 46.6 of the tweets with direct @mentions
  • The average response time for a direct question was 157 minutes – although a number of brands, including Ocado, responded within four minutes