Brightpearl is Go10’s go to for operational expansion


Choice distributor for UK brands and retailers, Go10 has opted for Brightpearl to streamline its operations as it expands its roster. 

With Brightpearl, Go10 gains the benefits of a retail focused digital operations platform that resolves the integration issues it was facing with a previous provider. The firm joins a growing family of brands that have selected Brightpearl due to its extensibility and its ability to scale as the business grows.

Founded in 2009, Go10 offers a unique flexibility and pro-activity for its customers and suppliers, providing all the necessary tools for emerging brands and giving a focused alternative to broadline distribution for retailers and established manufacturers.

Brightpearl gives the brand access to a world-beating suite of integrations and powerful automation features which will drastically reduce the time spent on cumbersome manual tasks and actively support the firm’s quest for sustained expansion. In addition, Brightpearl’s real time reporting capabilities will provide Go10 with better visibility over stock and orders, allowing it to optimize its stock levels according to demand and forecast for the future.   

Along with Brightpearl’s industry leading automation and reporting, Go10 will also benefit from its intuitive demand planning capabilities. Its data-driven replenishment reports will help the company to release any money tied up in overstock, speed up the reordering process and offer an overarching insight into how its business is performing. 

“With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Go10 understands what it takes to scale a business in an ever changing marketplace”, said SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, Justin Press. “With the evolution of the ecommerce space spurred on by the impact of the Covid pandemic, the operational processes required to manage shipping and fulfilment have become more complex. In Brightpearl, Go10 has a platform that is built to adapt to these challenges.” 

“We’re delighted to be Go10’s go to operations platform. With Brightpearl taking care of its core processes, Go10 can focus on the strategy it needs to implement to scale further at pace and continue to be the first choice distributor for the UK’s retailers.”