British-based syrup producer, Clarks, launches new baking product, Golden Brown Syrup


British-based syrup producer Clarks, is introducing a new natural unprocessed sugar syrup to the market. The first of its kind, Clarks Golden Brown Syrup has been developed in response to the UK’s growing love of home baking and demand for wider alternatives to traditional white sugar.

Made with unrefined raw cane sugar, the Golden Brown Syrup has a naturally rich flavour profile and is a less processed alternative to golden syrup products, which are made from an inverted sugar solution. Clarks Golden Brown Syrup is set to add further growth to the syrup category as a premium ingredient for bakers to use in biscuits, flapjacks and cakes.  It is also an alternative to honey and other syrups that are used for topping desserts, porridges, pancakes and ice cream. As with other products in the Clarks range, this syrup is packaged in a squeezable bottle to ensure ease of use.

Bob Clark, managing director of Clarks, said: “At Clarks, we focus on creating the best syrups possible using natural ingredients with limited processing. We saw a gap in the market for a quality cupboard sugar syrup staple for bakers using natural, unprocessed sugar.  We want to inspire bakers across the UK to use our Golden Brown Syrup as an ingredient to add moisture and a depth of flavour to their bakes and because of this, people will be wowed by the natural flavour. It’s also a great alternative for topping desserts and porridge!”

The Golden Brown Syrup is listed in Sainsbury’s top 490 stores, available now.