British cold pressed fruit juices, B.Fresh, launch onto UK market


B.Fresh is a brand new range of delicious vegetable and fruit juices claimed to be bursting with goodness and maximum nutrition. The new drinks are the happy outcome for avid juicer and third generation Shropshire farmer Philip Maddocks when a freak hail storm battered his crop of spinach making it unacceptable for his supermarket customers. With lateral thinking and a little chutzpah he reckoned the future was in healthy, nutrient-rich natural juices. So began Philip’s journey to B.Fresh via a multi-million pound investment in a cold press and HPP unit – the only British grower producer in the UK to install his own facility.

Wherever possible the fresh produce is grown on the farm in Shropshire or sourced from British farms and delivered straight into B.Fresh’s own Shropshire ‘juicery’. The only British grower with cold pressed High Pressure Process (HPP) juice capability. On arrival the vegetables and fruit are washed with natural spring water from the farm and then pressed to give a fabulous smooth and pulp-free drink.

Many commercial fresh juices are either made from concentrate or are heat processed to preserve the juice significantly reducing the healthy nutrients.  Not so with B.Fresh. To ensure B.Fresh juice has a good shelf life, without resorting to pasteurisation, the cold pressed, bottled juices are put in a High Pressure Process chamber, flooded with cold water and subjected to 3 minutes high pressure – equivalent to five times the pressure of the deepest ocean.

Philip Maddocks, founder of B.Fresh, said: “As a farmer I am passionate about British vegetables and fruit, including them in their purest form into your diet and the importance of provenance. B.Fresh juices are simply the closest thing to a raw juice with the advantage of shelf life.”

With an RRP of £15.00 for six bottles, B.Fresh juices are currently available online from or in a range of independents with an RRP of £2.50-£4.00 for one.