British ethical egg brand, the happy egg co, to supply California grocery stores

The happy egg co. is investing in a farm in Arkansas to supply California grocery market with free range eggs

The happy egg co. is investing in a farm in Arkansas to supply California grocery market with free range eggs

British ethical egg producer, the happy egg co, is expanding in the US as the company looks to bring its strong welfare proposition to the American market.

The happy egg co., founded in 2009, said it is committed to producing great tasting eggs laid by the happiest hens; accepting only the highest standards of animal welfare for its laying birds.

The company is launching its free range eggs in boxes of 12 across more than 240 Kroger/Ralph’s stores in California, with plans for further roll out in upscale grocery stores across the US in the coming months, including Fresh & Easy. With over 90bn eggs produced each year in the United States, and 95% of those originating from caged hens, this US launch is set to provide a much needed boost to free range egg production.

According to David Wagstaff, chief operating officer, the happy egg co., said: “By 2015, there will be no eggs produced by caged hens in the state of California. In the UK we have already enjoyed 19% brand growth year-on-year and know that purchasing decisions made by consumers in California often drive animal welfare standards for the rest of the US. We are excited to see the state of California – and US consumers as a whole – embracing our approach to hen welfare and look forward to the roll out of the happy egg co. across the rest of the US in the coming future. We also have strong support from the Humane Society of America and Compassion in World Farming for this project.”

“The development of the happy egg proposition for the California market has taken two years, encompassing consumer and market research, competitive analysis and customer engagement,” said Rob Newell, head of brands, the happy egg co. “Arkansas has been identified as the prime location for the first happy egg farm – it has the ideal conditions for hens, with temperate climate, close proximity to grain fields and availability of natural resources.” 

Wagstaff said: “We have invested in and developed our own dedicated free range egg supply chain to ensure very high welfare and quality standards can be achieved in the US. Our farm in Arkansas has a bespoke production model based on our stringent UK standards and protocols, demonstrating our commitment to making our hens happy by always putting their welfare first.”