British Frozen Food Federation aims to educate consumers on benefits of frozen food with new app

Cool Cookery app

Cool Cookery app

The British Frozen Food Federation has launched the UK’s first frozen food app; aimed at educating consumers about the benefits and variety that frozen food can offer to families.

As growth is predicted in the frozen food industry in 2014, the app has been launched to support a growing consumer interest in frozen food and to encourage consumers to use frozen ingredients more regularly.

The new Cool Cookery app is available initially for iPhone and iPod touch users via the App Store. In an accessible format it brings together a wide range of meal ideas using the frozen ingredients along with a host of frequently asked questions and defrosting tips for cooking with frozen food.

BFFF director general, Brian Young, said: “As a significant portion of the UK population has access to information on the move, it is clear that the way people look for recipes and cooking guidance is changing. Shoppers are increasingly shunning the traditional shopping list in favour of searching apps for meal ideas in the supermarket.”

The Cool Cookery app brings together nutritional and quick recipes on-the-go ready for whenever busy shoppers can fit in their shopping trips. As more and more people in the UK use smartphones, the demand for instant information is increasing. Recent statistics show that 51% of adults now own these devices, almost double the proportion two years ago and a further 64% of those use their smartphone whilst shopping.

Young said: “Busy lifestyles mean that consumers are looking for fast and convenient ways to offer nutritional meals to their families without spending a fortune, we’re trying to tap into this by launching a frozen food app. The app can aid busy consumers in the supermarket during their weekly food shop and could potentially help influence their purchasing decision.”

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