British jewellery retailer Astley Clarke sees international revenue increase by 367%


Within 18 months from partnering with Global-e, the cross-border ecommerce solution provider, Astley Clarke’s international revenue has increased exponentially by 367% and pushed the share of international sales from 15-20% before launch to 25-40% of the mix each week.

These results are reported after the company appointed Global-e to bolster the international ecommerce experience for Astley Clarke’s overseas customers and drive global growth.

To be competitive in international markets, Astley Clarke needed to deliver a more engaging customer shopping experience that matched the high standard of treatment that UK customers received. In particular, Astley Clarke wanted to offer international shoppers:

  • The ability to pay with their local currency
  • The ability to pay with different local alternative payment methods
  • The option to pre-pay all import taxes and duties
  • Free delivery for all international orders
  • Convenient domestic returns

By partnering with Global-e, Astley Clarke were able to offer this and more to their international customers, with outstanding results for the business.

Global-e is releasing a case study on request detailing the challenge, solution and results of this partnership, which now available from the press team by emailing: