British well-being purchases bounce back after early lockdown crash, GfK reports


Sales of well-being items such as toning belts, foot spas and massage products plummeted the week that the UK entered official lockdown. However, steady growth over the following five weeks saw both volume and value of sales reaching well above pre-lockdown levels by late April. In fact, purchases during the week 19-25 April gave the first significant growth that the category has seen this year, compared to the same period last year – standing at +34.0% volume and +27,7% value.

Kelly Whitwick, UK retail lead for market insights at GfK, comments: “Despite the sharp drop in volume of well-being purchases at the start of lockdown, the average price during this time remained higher than in the weeks before and continued to rise over the next four weeks, alongside a weekly increase in volume. By mid-April, the average purchase price was at a point not seen since early February. Although the week ending 25 April saw a sharp drop in average price, the volume of purchases reached the highest level seen to that point, barring the first week of January. This is good news for well-being brands, as people are clearly eager for products to help them relax and feel good at home.”