Britons eating the majority of daily calorie intake before lunch, Grenade study reveals


A  new study into the nation’s eating habits, has revealed the average Briton is currently devouring a staggering 1,406 calories over the course of a typical morning. 

In fact, according to the survey, the tradition of “elevenses” has made a comeback in recent times, with as many as 72% of those surveyed claiming they now tuck into a snack at around eleven every day.

Elevenses is a colloquial expression which entered the English language in the late 18th century, meaning a light refreshment taken in the morning, with a cup of tea or coffee.

And when it comes to what modern Brits are enjoying for their elevenses, 38% said biscuits with a cup of tea is their preferred choice, while 36% cannot resist diving into packets of crisps.

Thirty five percent usually opt for chocolate, while 15% rustle up something more substantial, such as a cheese toastie as their pre-lunch snack.

And as many as 60% are also enjoying larger breakfasts than usual, with bacon sandwiches, full fry-ups, pancakes and pastries among the list of morning meals regularly being enjoyed, according to the findings. 

The survey by protein oat bar, Grenade Reload, found 62% admit they have no idea how many calories they should be consuming daily, which health experts claim should be 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men.

As part of the survey, respondents were also asked to estimate the number of calories in typical foods, with most underestimating drastically.

A Full English breakfast, complete with two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs and two sausages plus a slice of buttered toast and beans was estimated to come in at just 513 calories, when in fact it contains approximately 950 calories.

And on average, a bacon and egg sandwich was estimated to be 411 calories, when experts calculate that it contains around 700 calories.

Thirty four percent said they always start with the best intentions to be healthy yet find themselves struggling to stay motivated, while 18 percent admit they have been worried about the number of calories they have been having for breakfast since working from home.

A spokesperson for protein oat bar Grenade Reload, which conducted the research comments: “With more time on our hands, it is easy to see why many of us are indulging in high calorie breakfasts, especially with cold winter months ahead.

“Our research also reveals we’re more likely to be reaching for the elevenses and clocking up extra calories than ever before, even before we get to lunchtime. Helping Brits to swerve unhealthy habits, Reload is the perfect solution – low sugar, high in protein, and packed full of slow-release energy oats.”

It may come as no surprise that a quarter of Brits admit they have piled on the pounds in the last year since working from home (26%).

Meanwhile it was revealed that Belfast, home to the Ulster fry, is the city where Brits are most likely to overindulge in the morning – checking in a whopping 1,558 calories before noon. This is followed by Leicester residents at 1,530 calories and Londoners at 1,457.