Brits’ caffeine craving increases during lockdown, tea and coffee company shows


Despite many struggles for businesses around the world, the one thing that’s almost certain is a lust for caffeine. One tea and coffee supplier has seen its business sales reach new heights during the UK’s lockdown period. 

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, which claims to have the largest selection of tea in the world, has seen an increase of 137% in sales since the UK’s lockdown was introduced in late March. 

The increase in sales was taken from 1 March to 15 April in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 and now leaves Tea and Coffee at a point of  recruitment, even during this global pandemic. A couple of positions for warehouse workers are now available so that online orders can be fulfilled. 

Sales patterns show no signs of slowing with a 51% increase in total transactions over the past 45 days, compared to the first 45 days of 2020 (a 105% increase in total transactions year on year).

Analysing the statistics over the past 45 days and it is clear to see the UK’s caffeine cravings are starting to be quenched. Coffee sales are up 82% from the start of the year, with tea sales close behind with a 41% increase. 

               Product                                          Sales Increase/Decrease
Espresso Kentish Roast Coffee                               172% increase
Columbian Coffee                                                    121% increase
Turmeric and Ginger Tea                                         112% increase
Earl Grey Tea Bags                                                  87% increase
English Breakfast Tea                                              46% increase

* All above stats are comparisons between the past 45 days and the first 45 days of 2020. 

The range of teas and coffees available for online customers is the first factor in Tea and Coffee’s lockdown success. The business has the largest selection of teas in the world and combined with their coffees supply over 1,000 varieties of the UK’s most popular hot drinks.

Founder of Tea and Coffee Richard Smith said: “It seems logical that the amount of teas and coffees sold during this period would increase as more people are working from home. But, truth be told, we didn’t think that we would see such drastic sales increases. We are really proud that our hard work has pushed us into a place where we can continue to supply, recruit and grow.”