Brits lead French and Germans in using click and collect for online deliveries, Metapack reveals


British, German and French consumers are unified by their love of online shopping but new research commissioned by MetaPack, a leading provider of e-commerce technology for delivery services, reveals some subtle national differences for retailers and carriers to consider.

infographic_remThe power of a successful delivery experience to make a consumer stick with a retailer is universal. Equally big majorities said they would choose a retailer over others offering the same product – 89% of Britons, 84% of French and 83% of German consumers – because of a positive delivery experience.

Alternative delivery choices are appealing to everyone, suggests the research. For example, 63% of Britons surveyed said they had used click and collect in the last 12 months. While lower percentages of French (43%) and German (26%) consumers said they had used click and collect, a higher percentage (72%) of French consumers had picked up their delivery from a local shop and half of German respondents had used a locker service compared to only 10% of British and 9% of French consumers.

Other national differences do appear in what consumers value most from a delivery choice. While majorities of British (55%) and French (56%) consumers rate free delivery highly, German consumers are a little less smitten (41%). Speed of delivery matters more to German (27%) and British (22%) consumers while less than one in five of French (18%) consumers care. Playing to national stereotypes, the punctuality of a definite time slot is more highly rated by Germans (19%) compared to Britons (11%) and French (8%).

The survey used a sample of 1,500 consumers from France, Germany and the UK.