Brits to spend £570 each on Christmas presents this year, Destination CMS reports


With the first few doors of advent calendars open, our attention rapidly turns to buying Christmas presents for friends and family. New research from retail marketing company Destination CMS has discovered that on average Britons will spend £570 each on presents this year, with every women forking out an additional £160 (£650) compared to men (£490).

The insight also found that people from the North East are the most generous in the country, spending £683 each. This is followed by Oxfordshire (£664) and the South of England (£662).

The Christmas Scrooges are the Cornish, parting with just £527 on their loved ones, almost one third less than their Northern neighbours.

The research also found that men will buy their Christmas presents in justfive trips or 20 hours, whereas women taking a significant 60% longer, purchasing presents for an average of 16 people across seven shopping sessions or 32 hours.

The country’s preference to buy Christmas presents is surprisingly still the local High Street or shopping centre with both more popular than jumping online to stack our stockings (76% & 70% respectively). However, in spite of this, one in five Brits will do all of their shopping on websites.

Russell Crisp, CEO at Destination CMS, said: “Christmas is most people’s favourite time of the year and it clearly shows with the amount of money and effort spent across the country ensuring the best possible day.

In spite of recent tech advances, it’s interesting to see how many people still choose to conduct the majority of their shopping in person rather than simply logging on to fill their baskets at home or work.”