Brockmans Gin is a tonic for Co-op

Brockmans Gin

Co-op is to list Brockmans Gin for the first time.

The listing takes effect on 29 October throughout 274 selected Co-op stores across the UK.

Brockmans recently announced that the brand’s total revenue had increased by 35% to £4.73m in the first half of the year, with UK revenue up by 90%. Co-op will be able to take advantage of the continuing boom in super-premium gin sales as consumers demonstrate more knowledge of and interest in high quality gins.

Co-op spirits buyer, Jonathan Grey, said: “We’ve seen phenomenal growth within the Gin category at Co-op this year. Customers continue to trade up into more premium gins so there’s a great opportunity for Brockman’s at Co-op. Both the look and feel of the bottle and the flavour profile of the liquid are exactly what our customers are looking for.”

David John, retail manager of Indie Brands, Brockmans’ UK Distributor, said: “We are proud to be stocked by the Co-op which has developed a reputation for delivering customers both high quality produce and good value. Brockmans is the fastest-growing super-premium gin, established over 3 years and, in this, the month of its 10th anniversary, it is great for the brand to be listed by this important multiple grocer.”

Brockmans Gin is stylish, beautifully packaged in a tactile black glass bottle, and deliciously different. Recently, new research conducted by the global pollsters, IPSOS Mori in the UK and USA showed that gin drinkers prefer Brockmans Gin when compared with the other two leading brands.  The taste tests, replicated tests conducted in 2013, questioned a sample of consumers including both regular gin drinkers and vodka drinkers.The research revealed that 60% of respondents prefer Brockmans compared with the other leading brands tested.

Brockmans was the preferred gin based on its taste for more than half of the respondents (54%). Among regular vodka drinkers the preference for Brockmans exceeded 60%.

The taste trial showed 44% of all respondents saying they would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ buy Brockmans Gin, a 40% ABV spirit made in England, is described as the ‘gin like no other’. It brims with berries and botanicals sourced from across the world: Juniper from Italy; lemon peel from Murcia in Spain; bitter-sweet orange peel from Valencia; Bulgarian coriander seed providing a slightly spicy sage note;  Cassia bark from Indo-China; blueberries and blackberries from Northern Europe;  liquorice from China, providing a sweet woody aroma;  angelica from Belgium and Saxony, bitter almonds, from Spain;  and Italian orris root, helping to draw all these taste notes harmoniously together.

The Recommended Retail Price for Brockmans Gin is £34.