Brockmans Gin to take part in Co-op’s August ‘Ginporium’ promotion


Brockmans Gin is to take part in the Co-op’s Ginporium event this month. The promotion will run in 150 of the larger Co-op stores from 16 August 2019 and continues for the rest of the month.

Consumers will be able to buy a gift pack of a bottle of Brockmans Gin with a branded copa glass for £30 – that’s £10 cheaper than the usual price for the value-added gift package.

Brockmans will feature alongside with three other popular brands in the main part of the selected stores.

Co-op will be installing a Gin Wheel to help customers select the style of gin they prefer.

Brockmans Gin, one of the UK’s fastest growing, is already listed in 274 Co-op stores in the UK.

As well as Co-op, Brockmans is also available in ASDA, Booths, M&S, Morrisons, Ocado and selected speciality retailers and online retailers including its own e-commerce website, consumers can buy Brockmans’ merchandise. This month, the online shop is extended from UK only to Germany and Spain.

Described as “a gin like no other”, this 40% ABV English spirit brims with berries and botanicals sourced from across the world: Juniper from Italy; lemon peel from Murcia in Spain; bitter-sweet orange peel from Valencia; Bulgarian coriander seed providing a slightly spicy sage note;  Cassia bark from Indo-China;  blueberries and blackberries from Northern Europe;  liquorice from China, providing a sweet woody aroma;  angelica from Belgium and Saxony, bitter almonds, from Spain;  and Italian orris root, helping to draw all these taste notes harmoniously together.