BT advises on cloud computing


BT put forward its vision for cloud computing services for large companies at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida, today. It called for a balanced approach to internet-based computing – helping customers implement valuable, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

According to BT, information and technology officers, are being confronted with a deluge of information about cloud, and many technology companies are simply re-branding products and services as ‘cloud’.

Neil Sutton, vice president, portfolio, BT global services, said this was, “cloud washing”.

Sutton described how CIOs and CTOs need the ability to determine what infrastructure, software and communications services to manage in-house, what to outsource and what to move out into the cloud as a managed service.

He addressed how to balance these requirements and offered advice on how to best seize the opportunities and manage the risks.

“Large organisations want to realise the benefits of cloud computing – such as flexibility, more reliable services, reduced financial risk, and lower costs – but they first need to get beyond the confusion surrounding cloud terminology, focus on deliverable business results and look at what they have to do to make cloud solutions work for them,” he said.

“When all is said and done, what organisations want is to be more efficient and flexible, and make their people more productive. Today, already we are working with global corporations to achieve those ends by delivering infrastructure as a service, communications as a service, and software as a service.”
Sutton highlighted work underway at BT – in its labs, tailored innovation sessions with customers; and with universities, government research teams and partners around the world.

He explained how recent innovations such as BT’s cloud-broker capability will change the way its customers plan their managed services activities and boost their confidence in being able to manage multiple cloud-based services.

Sutton discussed how BT innovation around its virtual data centre solutions is delivering financial and operational benefits for customers.

“BT is already assisting some of the largest businesses in the world manage these challenges by helping them understand the linkage between the customer, the business, the application and the infrastructure,” he said.