BT offers savings to companies who converge comms


BT has launched an offer, which it claims will deliver average savings of up to 25% to new and existing virtual private network (VPN) customers who switch their voice communications to its converged communications platform, BT Onevoice.

The offer, available to multi-national organisations worldwide, means customers who spend more than £700,000 per annum on voice communications will gain these savings by combining voice traffic and their global VPN traffic with BT Onevoice.

According to BT, the offer is aimed at multi-national customers looking to consolidate, integrate and optimise their voice infrastructure.
“BT Onevoice is a truly compelling proposition, tailored to the global communications needs of multi-national organisations and we can clearly demonstrate the benefits of converged communications through the committed savings offer,” said Neil Sutton, vice president, global portfolio, BT Global Services.

Sutton said the offer complements a series of recent innovative feature launches, such as the integration of Ribbit’s advanced voice services, SIP trunking and a Microsoft certification for integration with MS Office Communications Server.

“This allows us to deliver new capability into the fixed line voice market, leveraging existing customer telephony infrastructure and making the journey to unified communications and collaboration more attractive,” he said.