Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I helps keeps beer on shelves with Direct To Store deliveries

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, a proud part of AB InBev, has revealed the new models it has implemented since the start of lockdown to ensure rapid delivery of beers to some of the UK’s biggest retailers. These models have enabled direct delivery of beer from breweries to stores, as well as the establishment of new depots for customers. So far, Budweiser Brewing Group has delivered over 65,000 hL of beer to over 800 different locations across the UK. The deliveries were all made within ten working days of implementation.

Budweiser Brewing Group implemented three different models:

  • Stockless – whereby stock left the brewery and went direct to stores not their depots. Each store took about 90 hL of beer, or 27,000 bottles, at any given time.
  • New Depots – Budweiser Brewing Group worked with one customer to deliver beer into three new depots, adding 50% on to their network capacity to help get beer flowing
  • Convenience – Over 300 Co-Op stores are now able to have their orders picked and packed by Budweiser Brewing Group and then delivered by Matthew Clark.

 In the future, Budweiser Brewing Group will be able to revert to these methods during key busy moments during the year, so customers can continue to drive impact and commercial advantage.

James Rowe, director of sales operations, Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, said: “Following the closures of pubs, we knew there would be a higher demand from our consumers in supermarkets and convenience stores for our beers. In order to meet this demand, our Operational Teams came together, redesigning and pivoting our delivery methods to ensure our customers would be able to meet the increased demand. In ten working days, the teams developed the capability and delivered over 65,000 hL – the equivalent of around 20 million bottles – through these new models and we are continuing to support today. It’s shown us what great teams can do when we collaborate with our partners and that we can apply these methods in future key consumption moments, such as Christmas and Easter.”

Andrew Everson, senior buying manager, Morrisons, said: “With the restaurant and pub sector closed, it was important for our customers that we maintained availability. Budweiser Brewing Group turned on Direct To Store delivery in just five days, serving nearly 200 stores. As a result, we maintained our availability on some of our most popular beers.”