Budweiser launches 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign celebrating the energy of the fans


Budweiser drones

Budweiser has globally announced the launch of its biggest integrated campaign to celebrate its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup 2018, which will capture and amplify euphoric fan energy in innovative ways throughout the tournament. The activity kicked off this week in more than 50 countries around the globe, with the unveiling of the beer brand’s new global advertising campaign, “Light Up the FIFA World Cup”, which will go live in the UK on 13 May during the Premier League Final.

In the UK, Budweiser’s “Light Up the FIFA World Cup” advert, which three out of four adults will have the opportunity to see, marks a key milestone in the 360-degree campaign. In a nod to tradition, the campaign will have a significant TV presence through Budweiser’s partnership with ITV, which has exclusive broadcast rights to half of all FIFA World Cup games, including the opening match on 14 June, and England’s final group game against Belgium. Through this, Budweiser will have direct TV Ad presence in and around the live games driving prime brand association with the tournament.

“Light Up the FIFA World Cup” will be served in :15, :30 or :90 second formats, encapsulating the passion of fans across the globe as they enjoy the world’s biggest sporting event. The footage sees Budweiser embarking on an epic beer delivery, as thousands of drones carry bottles of the tournament’s Official Beer from its brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, where Budweiser has been brewed since 1876. The journey of the drones comes to an end when bottles of Budweiser are delivered directly into the hands of spectators across the globe; the UK’s footage shows football fans celebrating in the local pub.

Brian Perkins, VP global marketing at Budweiser, said: “As the most watched sporting event on the planet, the FIFA World Cup is the ultimate opportunity for Budweiser, the world’s most enjoyed beer, to connect with billions of passionate football fans globally. Our campaign is the largest in our company’s history, and it demonstrates how we are bringing together fans from around the world over a beer and their shared passion for football.

“Our campaign captures the celebratory, upbeat and premium experience of the Budweiser brand, and fans will continue to see this come to life through our ongoing activations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.”