Cake, London app for booking and digitised payments and rewards, partners with Tom’s Kitchen


CAKE, London’s only app for booking and digitised payments & rewards has announced its new partnership with London restaurant favourite, Tom’s Kitchen.

Award-winning chef, Tom Aikens has joined up with CAKE to provide his customers the enjoyment of dining out without any hassles.

“It’s becoming increasingly apparent that people are  leading busy lifestyles with little time left for leisure.
In some of our sites, in particular Canary Wharf,
weekdays lunch for our corporate guests needs to be speedy,
CAKE helps us to speed up the process even further,” said Tom Aikens.

With CAKE, customers can easily book tables, split their bill and pay, plus earn credit back instantaneously. Customers can also leave reviews while in the restaurant, so that feedback is readily available for the staff in real-time on their CAKE dashboard.   

Aikens says: “Online review sites are always productive however sometimes it’s too late to rectify an issue that could have been sorted on the spot.”

CAKE brings the data-driven, targeted marketing model that drives e-commerce businesses to the physical world of hospitality.

“Overall [the set-up on CAKE] was simple. It’s great to take our brand more digital. We have just launched a new website where we have taken a more modern approach and I think CAKE helps us to boost this,” said Aikens.

CAKE is available in the Apple app store and Google play, with no cost to download. Partner venue inquiries can be made to