CAMPARI launches first ever RTD in the UK, CAMPARI Soda

CAMPARI has announced the launch of its ready-to-drink CAMPARI Soda, a simple yet classic cocktail with 10% ABV. This exciting launch is a first foray into the RTD category for CAMPARI, expanding its UK portfolio with this vibrant 9.8cl bottle. Available in a pack of five with an RRP of £9, the new product is launching exclusively at Waitrose in 116 selected stores across the UK.

The RTD category has seen strong growth during the pandemic, with sales up 47% this year compared to 2020, and up 74% compared to pre-Covid times. The popularity of the format, combined with increasing consumer demand for bitter flavour profiles in beverages, has created the perfect conditions for the launch of the CAMPARI Soda, the first ready-to-drink Aperitivo cocktail in history.

Ready-to-drink cocktails are set to thrive this summer, as social gatherings remain outdoors and consumers look to enjoy different occasions with friends and family. With a premium look, feel and product – as well as being in an accessible format – the CAMPARI Soda will add a touch of Milanese flair to an already popular category, and is expected to become a firm consumer favourite in the UK, just as in its native Italy.

“We’re so excited to be launching CAMPARI Soda in the UK in a ready-to-drink format. This timeless classic is perfect to enjoy with friends and a staple for your picnic basket – bringing the flavours of Italy to the UK,” says Sandra Brunet, marketing director at Campari Group UK. “The CAMPARI & Soda was originally created in 1915 using an innovative soda machine to create the ultimate Milanese Aperitivo experience. It is still a much-loved serve more than 100 years later, and is an iconic way to enjoy CAMPARI. The new, first of its kind CAMPARI Soda RTD is a must-stock for retailers and a product we expect to fly off the shelves this summer!”

The CAMPARI Soda RTD promises consumers the right balance of bitterness and effervescence in a glass. With a label-less bottle that has not changed its design for over 100 years, CAMPARI Soda also speaks to the steadily increasing demand amongst consumers for premium, easy-to-drink serves to enjoy at home[3]. Its premium cues, and the product’s vibrant red hue, combine to ensure the CAMPARI Soda RTD will stand out on shelf and deliver for retailers.

To best enjoy CAMPARI Soda, serve straight from the fridge, pour into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a slice of orange. For the ultimate Aperitivo experience, serve alongside a selection of savoury snacks such as nuts or even the traditional Milanese Saffron Risotto.

CAMPARI Soda will be available now in 116 selected Waitrose stores, in packs of five at an RRP of £9 at 10% ABV.