Carrefour renews partnership with Checkpoint Systems for anti-theft solutions


Checkpoint Systems, the world leader in RFID and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions for distribution, is renewing its partnership with Carrefour in the implementation of smart anti-theft solutions.

Already 92 hypermarkets are installed and connected with Checkpoint’s EAS 2.0 monitoring solution, which processes and retrieves sensitive information from the store in real time, enabling retailers to act efficiently and quickly.

The EAS 2.0 system connects security installations such as EAS antennas, deactivation, detection of metallic masses, fraudulent passage in closed boxes, emergency call buttons and video surveillance. The feedback / alerts are real-time on pager or smartphone, whether the operators are on-site or not.

The data collected are integrated into Carrefour’s GSAO platform for the management of internal dashboards, the measurement of operational efficiency on each event and the profitability of security investments.

Jean-Luc Kaes, large accounts Checkpoint Systems said: “Innovation and our customers are at the heart of our business. We are constantly working to develop solutions tailored to the new needs of the market.”

This year, Carrefour is also deploying Checkpoint’s latest, connected innovations to prevent fraudulent pass-throughs in closed containers and to prevent warehouse entry alarms generated by customers with non-deactivated anti-theft protection devices. This solution improves the customer experience for honest shoppers and limits the alarms that would be emitted in store and on-line checkout.