Carrs Foods launches two new rye bread varieties for Baker Street

The International bakery business, Carrs Foods, has introduced two rye breads into the Baker Street range; a Seeded Rye Bread and Rye & Wheat Bread, both of which are made with a sourdough starter and are stonebaked.

The new lines are designed to appeal to those who enjoy rye bread but want a lighter alternative to the traditional denser German style ryes. The Seeded Rye Bread, with linseeds, sunflower, barley and oat, is made with wholegrain rye and is a source of fibre and protein, whilst the Rye & Wheat Rye Bread is high in fibre and low in fat. Both products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The new rye breads are also amongst the first Baker Street products to display the new packaging design, which is currently being rolled out across the range. The new branding takes a fresh approach with colour coding for variants, making the products easier to differentiate for consumers and standing out markedly on shelf.

Commenting on the launch, Jeremy Gilboy, managing director of Carrs Foods said: “These new Baker Street rye breads meet the needs of consumers looking for a healthy choice that also delivers on texture and flavour. For many, the traditional rye bread is too dense and the flavour isn’t always to the British palate. So our creative team have worked hard to develop rye breads that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a wholesome, heartier but of course tasty loaf!”

The rye breads are packaged in a consumer friendly style bag, which is easy to re-seal and keep for longer, and are loaf shaped to make them more convenient for sandwiches and snacking.

Carrs Foods has been supplying bakery products for the past 30 years and globally sells more than 200 million items every year, in own-label and branded formats.