Casio claims new digital signage arm will help retailers win new customers

New Casio Signage

Casio is launching a digital signage business at the end of this month (January 2013). 

According to the company, Casio Signage is a key feature and a powerful tool for helping retailers gain an edge over their competition by attracting more new and repeat customers. 

Storefront advertising needs to catch the attention of customers and then be interesting and relevant enough to invite them in, the company claims.

Casio Signage is described as a cutting-edge advertising tool with the power to captivate passers-by with a realistic-looking character that talks to them from the screen. 

The screen itself is shaped like the character, which can be freely selected to match the characteristics needed to bring people into a given store. 

The character’s appearance and voice can be changed easily to deliver a consistent and relevant message to customers, increasing interest and footfall, said Casio.  

Casio Signage is compact and requires no installation work, making it easy to place almost anywhere in the store, the company said. It also offers multifunction support enabling users to select content, which is most relevant to them such as language selection.

Together with innovative cloud services such as NFC (near field communication), stores with Casio Signage will enjoy an edge over the competition, Casio claims.

Main features of Casio Signage include:

■ Realistic images help captivate passers-by and attract customers

The screen itself is shaped  as a character or person which talks to potential visitors to get their attention and invite them into the store

■ Delivering consistent and relevant messages

Retailers simply provide Casio with a still image and text, and Casio animates the image and adds the voice. No video production is required for stores. This process makes it easy to edit the animation to ensure repeat custom and increased footfall■ Compact size that can sit almost anywhere

Small 470 mm × 535 mm footprint. No installation work is required just a power supply

■ Multilingual support for diverse visitors

Available languages include English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and more. Customers themselves can select the language they want to hear

■ Cloud services to realise unique retail promotion plans

Casio can provide cloud services such as NFC (near field communication) for customers with smart devices

■ Long-lasting light source

Casio’s state-of-the-art Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source ensures bright and vibrant signage delivering  approximately 20,000 hours of life

n New YouGov research by Casio suggests a high street revival during the January sales looks to have fallen flat, with over a quarter (28%) of UK adults stating they do not plan to spend a single day in stores during the January sales.

Its study found 13.5m consumer won’t be visiting the high street until at least February 2013 and a further 13m said they will only visit the high street once between Boxing Day and 31 January 2013, suggesting the crowds seen on 26 December 2012 are unlikely to be repeated.

Asked which improvements the high street should introduce in January this year, respondents listed several priorities; lower prices (51%), shorter queues (44%) and better experiences while paying at the till (26%) generating a particularly strong response.

Additional research by Casio indicated around 3.2m British adults would not buy a single present on the high street for Christmas 2012, a 40% rise on 2011’s figure.